7 Mistakes Small Business Owners make when it comes to Internet Marketing

Common-Digital-Marketing-Mistakes#1 Not Knowing Your Niche

Not having a niche market makes it hard for you to market. You waste a lot of time, energy, and money not marketing to a niche. The reason why niche markets are so easy to convert is because you have identified a problem and only you can solve it. The more specific your niche the higher your conversion rate to turn them into a paying customers. So really put some thought into your niche and go after them.

#2 Not Knowing your audience

A disconnect with your audience is disastrous to your business. Your content, product, or service does not grab your audience. You are irrelevant to your audience. Your content, product, or  service needs to gel with your audience, which means that they will look to you as the solution to their problem. Making that critical connection with your audience will bring you more business.

#3 Not Planning your Internet Marketing Campaigns

A serious problem in small business not having an internet marketing plan. This is so important that with out it you need to quit before you waste of time and money. Plan, plan, and plan some more. A simple plan is better then no plan at all. You can not say ‘I am going to do this but do not have any details of how this is going to lead to that.’ A plan is the details of who, how, what and when your decision plays out.

#4 Not Knowing the differences in Social Media Networks

You can not treat all social media networks the same. You can not take what you do on Facebook and apply it to LinkedIn. You have to do your research when it comes to social media networks. You have to know what works for you on that particular medium. It is a learning curve for some, but once you know your business will grow.

#5 Not Being Consistent with Your Audience

Not engaging your audience regularly leads to inconsistency. Your audiences will be lost when you are inconsistent. It looks unprofessional, you do not want their business, and can they trust you. Your audience expects consistence from the businesses they engage. Consistence and persistence will pay off with making that major connection with your audience.

#6 Not Listed in more Directories and Search Engines

Your directory and search engine listings are very important. You can not be found by your audience if you are not listed. The online directories and search engines have taken the place of the phone books. Get listed in directories and search engines gives you the opportunity to be in front of your niche market.

#7 Not having a Professionally Designed Website

Skipping on the professionally design website will kill your audience. Think of your website like a brick and mortar building that is open 24/7/365. This is your first impression that your audience gets from you. Yes you can build your own website but are you a professional? And if this was a brick and mortar would you build your own store front. Do you know all the city codes that you are obligated to follow to have visitors at your building. Then why should your website be any different. There are certain guidelines you should follow to have visitors come to your website. Think of the search engines as city inspectors and they are coming to give you the stamp of approval. If you do not know the guidelines how are you going to ever have visitors to your website? You should not try to low ball your website either, and I am not saying to go into debt to get one either.