Completed Project: Eleth Beauty Palace

Eleth Beauty PalaceEleth Beauty Palace project was great to work on. The owner Eleth Smith had a vision of a fantastic website. I was happy to be involved in this project. Mrs. Eleth was referred to us by a previous client(Taite McBean, owner of Green 21 Lawn Care Inc.). I spoke to Mrs. Eleth, and we discussed her website. She was looking for a website that would help her sell the book she wrote and to sell products on her site. She wanted a website for her clients to set appointments. She was very excited to see what we would do for her. She had a website two years prior. Mrs. Eleth was ready to have another one. I was glad to see her vision through to the end. We started working on it.

First Phase

The first thing we started planning was the layout. We setup the page order and the content. Then choose a font style that said Eleth Beauty Palace. She advised us of her colors she wanted. Her main color was Purple. Here are some interesting facts about purple. Purple psychological heightens peoples since of beauty and it opens them up to new creative ideas. Purple conveys the idea of wealth, fantasy, and the dream world. Purple is known to strike a nerve with the age group of 18 – 25. The color purple resonates with women more than men. The color purple is Eleth Beauty Palace. We used a white and black to make it pop. After the layout was done; we started her build. We choose the theme that would be Eleth Beauty Palace’s framework. First phase was completed and approved.

Second Phase

The second phase happened quite fast. We started putting everything together and getting the style fine tuned and the content in the framework. We did a little on page optimization and content rewrite. We added the necessary functionality to the framework. We tested the functions on the website to make sure there were no problems. We fine tune some of the areas on the website. We added a little bit more content that was submitted to us. We uploaded the photo gallery. The second stage was moving along nicely. Second phase was completed and approved.

Final Phase

The final phase of the build was more fine tuning and getting things corrected. We did some more rewrites to the content and deleted photos that did not belong. We discussed how everything was going to play out. We did more optimizations and corrections. Our due date was fast approaching. We had less then 3% to do on the website. We were done with the final phase; one thing was left to do is have a meeting to train on the website. Training was two hours of getting them familiar with the website design and functionality. We trained on the basics of the website so any of the small things can be done by Mrs. Eleth and Monique, her assistant. They had many questions. She wanted to know how everything would function once her book was ready to be on the website.

It was a pleasure to work with Mrs. Eleth and Monique. This build definitely fits Eleth Beauty Palace. These two women have what it takes to be great. They believe in customer service, caring, and genuinely love what they do. They are both creative and points of light that meld together very well. Their unique relationship will carry them far. So if you want to be treated like royalty and with respect make an appointment with Eleth Beauty Palace by calling (813) 988-6314.