New Web Design Packages for DIY’s out there!

Ted Lindsey & Associates Web Design

Under construction

Ted Lindsey & Associates LLC are announcing new web design packages for do-it-yourself website designers!

We are creating website design packages for the do-it-yourself, I know what I am doing web designer. All of our diy website packages can be customized by you or by us( for a small fee of course). We would be setting up the basics ( at least at that point it was set up correctly). Then you would handle how many pages you would like to add, whether you want to change colors of the design, and what ever your know how and skills can take you. We will always be there to help you if you need it. We will be putting together some training materials on the basics to get you started. You would be able to set up a time to have a pro training you on the basics. There is also a lot of materials to read and videos to look at on or You can go there and do a search for anything you are trying to do. We will make sure you have access to the right materials. And remember these websites can be customized to your hearts content, you would need to go in there and get started. To get updates on when they will start sign up here.