Pro Serve Now LLC

Pro Serve Now LLCWe are excited to announce our new client Pro Serve Now LLC!

We have been working with the owner of Pro Serve Now LLC, Nathaniel McQuay. It was a pleasure working with him and getting his web design exactly the way he wanted. When we first met, it was me, him, and Tyrone sitting in a booth at Barnacles. We discussed a lot of things on the future of business and how the internet made it better. He was excited when we met.He had all these ideas that where pouring out. Before you  know it an hour and a half blow by. We all were excited about this project. He gave us control to use our imagination on the design. Two weeks letter we met and started on the project. We needed to take his website from ok to a WOW effect. We convened to talk about the design, and what we could do to make his website stand out. So we did our research and looked at different web designs (it was surprising on how the websites were designed). We looked and studied those web design and came up with a simple design that Nat approved. We designed the website and went live with it. Go visit his website at and you can also follow him on twitter @ProServeNowLLC and like his Facebook page Pro Serve Now LLC.