Why are responsive web designs so great?

Ted-Lindsey-Associates-LayoutWhy are responsive web designs so great?

Responsive web designs are great because of many reasons. We will examine a couple good reasons why. The way that most websites are design in the past were for desktops or laptops. Now a days people interact with the web from their smartphones, tablets, some video game systems. It is no doubt that the world is finding more ways on being connected and staying connected on different devices. We as business owners and entrepreneurs have to see that people are connecting to us in different ways. Let’s now explore the why in responsive web design.

Obvious Reason 1: One website for all

Responsive web designs are easier to control your traffic. In the past we address mobile visitors with their own website that was dumb down. This did not make for a good impression on mobile visitors. When those same mobile users go to their laptop or desktop they get the full experience of the website. Think of this, you have a website that is rich with information, services or products that you want to present to your potential clients. They can go to their desktop or laptop see exactly the information, services or products that are there. They like what they see but are not ready to buy, or they will be back. They are one day at a doctors office or out running errands. They decide to visit your website from their smartphone or tablet looking for that same great experience. What they get instead is a website that is not a great experience, it is lacking the luster that they seen on their desktop or laptop. They don’t go any further. Now let’s take a look again the same scenario, but you have a responsive web design. They go to your website now and get the same experience. They love it, and because they are there, they do an impulse buy. Responsive web designs are for any device anytime.

Reason 2: Cost effective

Responsive web designs are cost effective because you don’t need two different websites. You have one website that requires less money. When you have two websites, one for your desktop/laptop visitors and another for your smartphone/tablet visitors, you call your web designer to make changes. What you do to one you have to do to the other. Which means you have to pay for both changes. Some times that is not the case you may have to pay for one first then the other later. Responsive web designs maintenance is only done one time, but it updates them all.

Reason 3: Traffic is not split

We get to the part that I personally like (because I love numbers). I love responsive web designs because in the past when you had to have two websites it was hard to sets of numbers and different metrics. I know when I looked at the numbers I would have to plug in the data to get totals. Now a days one place for all my data needs(am I dreaming). No, if you have  responsive web designs you have one place to monitor all your data. No more excel spread sheets, plugging in numbers and keeping the data separate place.

Those are a few of the reasons I think a responsive web design is the way to go. There are a lot of other reasons but you can do that research on your own.