Time Management: How important is it?

Time ManagementTime is a fleeting commodity that is precious to everyone.

I have found myself evaluating this subject because some many of my clients face the same issue as I do. How important is time management? I am finding that it is very important. When I first started out I received some very good advice from several different sources. The advice all revolved around time management. One such source was my dad he said “Be careful of how much time you spend on anyone thing you do son.” I never asked him why I just thought it was something from left field. Then my business partner, he said “Don’t waste time on things that don’t make you any money, because Corey time is money.” There was my wife, who said “You spend all your time working and no time with family.” All three had some reference to time and how it was important it was to them and how to spend it. My dad and my wife were trying to get me to understand that if you don’t make time for the family you will lose out on a lot of things. My business partner was trying to tell that time needs to be taken seriously as if it was money and not to waste my time or his. I understood them and their concept of the importance of time management.

Time Management in relation to family.

Time management in relation to my family was a touchy subject in my house. Before I was married my dad noticed that I would spend enormous time at work sometimes working a 140 hours in a two week period. My started to talk to me about making time out for myself because I was working myself into the ground. I was happy doing it because I did not have everything I need to grow up. I think growing up without gave me a drive to work harder than anything. After several conversations with my dad, it finally hit me that I am working to much, and I need to spend more doing something other than working. So I choose to do what every 23 year old man would do, and I focus on personal relationships. I would eventually meet my wife of 9 years (still loves me after all the stupid things I’ve do or said). I married my wife and took on the responsibility of raising two beautiful kids. I had family and work to juggle now. I first started off on the path of balancing time between work and family but eventually my drive to work more took over. I would have these battles with time management that would pull me in so many directions. I missed out on somethings and then I had an idea of going into business myself. This one idea flourished for years before I found something I love doing.

Time management in relation to work.

Time management in relation to my work was a no brainier because I knew it all or so I thought. I started off doing various things as an entrepreneur before I feel in love with web designing and internet marketing. Now let me say this I STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY. Now stop  and laugh for a moment. I was thinking that I would do this and spend more time with the family. Boy was I wrong. I used more and more time with my business trying to figure out the process of time management. I was used to be told what to do and when to do it and how long it would be to complete a task. I was not used to making that decision on my own. I first started off trying to wing it. I can honestly say that was not working. I had to tap some of my resources on time management. I went to my business partner and asked him about time management and received some advice. Then I went to someone I know was in the same field and asked him and saw what he does. I am going to say this not every method is right for everybody, but they do have somethings in common.

Make a Plan

I thought making a plan was easy until I tried it for my first time.I was new to it so I tried several different ways, but the best way that worked for me is a todo list.

Prioritize your todo list

I started to prioritize my todo list it took awhile to figure out which task was more important then the others. It only became more difficult when I started taking on more clients. I first started out with prioritizing things todo in my own business, then with the added new clients all want all the time they can squeeze out of me. I had to come up with a better way. I would prioritize my to do list based upon the easiest to the hardiest task. Then I would set a time limit on each tasked based on how long it took me to complete it. I could work my list backward or forward depending on how I felt that day.

Stick to your schedule

This by far was the most difficult thing to do. I found myself sometimes not adhering to my schedule I had for myself that day. Another thing that made it difficult I forgot to schedule in little breaks a very big oversight. I can not stress this enough schedule yourself at least three breaks, and do not schedule to many breaks where you do not get anything done on the list.

Review your Process

Finally the review process. Go back thorough your lists at the end of the day or week and see what worked and did not work. I strongly suggest you start off doing it daily until you refine your process of time management. Once you have analysed it to the point it is a fine tuned machine then you know you are working.

I have this to say by no means did I do everything with my business myself. I had help along the way and looked for experts that were better at things certain things. I delegated certain things to the professionals in that area when I could afford them. I believe in a saying that “…no one man is an island…” by John Donne (1572-1631).